2014 – Year In Review

So I recently had a bit of spare time one evening and decided to try create a year in review video. The project was particularly fun for me taking around 5-6 hours. I was inspired by the Google Zeitgeist videos that get posted each year, for example, here’s the 2012 and 2013 editions.  I’ll admit that I can’t match theirs in terms of the 3d-like virtual effects they use (which is actually really cool) but it was quite a fun project to work on.

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Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

Like many of you who may be reading this, I was once in the same position, deciding upon my very own future. A scary thought indeed. Words such as ‘UCAS’, ‘Degree’, ‘Student Finance’ and ‘Gap Year’ seemed to be floating around on an almost daily basis.
You had a few distinct groups starting to form, those seeking adventure through a gap year of some sort, those (in my case, everyone I pretty much knew) who seemed set on heading to university, and then there were those daring few individuals who suggested an alternative career path, and were then looked upon in discerning fashion. And me? Well I guess I was an outsider, torn between all three groups.

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Need some ideas, try this technique

I’m sure many of you guys will be able to relate to this. You’re desperate to start a new project, you decide that now is the time, after building up that motivation and passion to finally begin and press on, you reach a stumbling block. You have absolutely no idea what to make.

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