Need some ideas, try this technique

I’m sure many of you guys will be able to relate to this. You’re desperate to start a new project, you decide that now is the time, after building up that motivation and passion to finally begin and press on, you reach a stumbling block. You have absolutely no idea what to make.

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First update in a while, my new career as a Junior Software Engineer

So in all honesty, this blog has taken a massive backseat since I’ve started my new job. I guess I have myself to blame, it’s easy to just feel so busy with work and let it take over your life a bit but as always it’s time to change that, I recently wrote a post for my company and thought I’d repost it here as it will give you guys a better update of what I’ve been up to for the time since my last post.

Why No Preparation Cost Me Countless Memories

This weekend, I experienced something which no one ever wants to. My hard drive, which has served me so since its purchase two years ago, completely failed. The single biggest mistake I made was the fact that I assumed that my hard drive would never fail.